Audio work: stereo, 30’, 2021

Concept / Directing / Text: Adnan Softić
With: Lidija Kordić, Adnan Softić, Pauline Jacob,
Dino Bajrović
Sound: Daniel Dominguez Teruel

Comissioned by ifa (Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen)

The "Balkanization of Europe" is a credible threatening scenario which the states in the EU use to populistically generate fear of foreign infiltration. The Balkans are the negative image par excellence, a synonym for decay and disorderly conditions. But the Balkans failed not because of its diversity, but because of the rejection of diversity, of nationalism - a violent invention of the core states of Europe. Is Europe looking at its own reflection when it looks at the Balkans?

Adnan Softić developed an essayistic audio play DARE MORE BALKAN - in a collaboration with local actors.