Film: colour, Dolby 5.1, D/BA, 10’, 2014

Director/ Producer/ Script: Adnan Softić
Camera: Lilly Thalgott
Cast: Vernesa Berbo, Holger Steen...
Sound Design: Nika Breithaupt
Sound Edit: Bela Brandes, Adnan Softić
Music: Nova Huta, Helmut Breithaupt

Short description:
One frame: one view over a pedestrian lane through a window. Behind a window: a woman and a man are sitting in a coffee shop, talking. Who are all these people passing by? The film is a miniature about the ghosts of the everyday life of a former war migrant.

“I take much more seriously than you the danger of the student movement flipping over into fascism. You only have to look once into the manic staring eyes of those who, wherever possible by evoking us, turn their anger against us.” – Adorno to Herbert Marcuse (1968)

One reflector, staged as a street lamp, is in the middle of the pedestrian lane. All passers-by, who pass under the light emerge from the mass for two-three seconds and then disappear into it again. Alternatives, yuppies, foreigners, children, old people, punkers, tourists… Associations appear and disappear, as new ones are coming in all the time. A lot of coincidences.

We listen to the sounds of the coffee shop; quiet music in the background and a conversation: the woman and the man comment – out of boredom, maybe – people passing by. In the beginning, their comments are harmless, but then, the main protagonist starts her topic: How is it possible to recognize a sniper shooter before he/she even conceives his act (of crime)?

︎︎︎ POSTTRAUMATIC ENTERTAINMENT / Interview with Adnan Softić / Written by JULIA SÖKELAND