Installation and performance, 2024

Concept: Adnan Softić, Nina Softić
Director: Adnan Softić
Sound work: Daniel Dominguez Teruel
Projection: komposter
With: Adnan Softić,Nina Softić, Daniel Dominguez Teruel
Comissioned by: KRASS Festival 2024

The large-format installation with accompanying performance "WITNESSES OF NONEXISTENCE" deals in particular with the disintegration of complex and multicultural societies in Europe with the aim of exploring the nature of their destruction. The various works within the installation function as interconnected fragments that together form a comprehensive body of work. However, each fragment deals with different aspects of violence and the destruction that accompanies it.
They bear witness to the death of the idea of a classless society and multiculturalism, the terror of naming in a multilingual city, the construction of a brand new ancient city, the transformation of a Nobel Prize winner into a denier of genocide, the transformation of a spa hotel into a rape camp before it became a spa again, and the phenomenon of Europe lying on the couch and watching itself fall apart in the Balkans...
This installation and performance sheds light on the phenomena of emerging nationalisms and the processes of change, handling and interpretation of history in Eastern European societies over the last 30 years. They offer a space for critical reflection on the current challenges and developments in Europe.