KLIMATON is a research and practice-based project that addresses the problem of communicability of scientific facts in the context of climate change. It questions the nature of doubt in the natural sciences and addresses the lack of a cultural approach to the Earth as a holistic entity. The cross-disciplinary project is aimed at translating scientific knowledge into cultural practice, with a focus on sound and performance, in order to generate new modes of gaining knowledge and gathering together.
The tangibility of climate change is a major problem, as knowledge gained is usually based on highly complex measurements and extensive data archives. But large data archives are by no means a solution to the problem as long as their contents are not given a socially accepted meaning. Should such efforts be left to science alone? Or does a transfer of those data archives into collective memory and responsibility need to take place via detours that do not rely exclusively on reason and predefined scientific rules? 
We understand the climate crisis also as a crisis of culture. The challenge is to create new ideas and practices that help us to think and feel distant and invisible worlds as an inseparable and essential part of our own world. 
KLIMATON is a hybrid, located between science, eco-politics, technology production and art production, based on broad collaborations.