ROOM TO NEGOTIATE is a process-oriented, collaborative and open-form convolute, which will be created and shown over the course of 7 years (2020-2027) and in 12 countries - Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Cyprus, Greece, Moldova, Bulgaria, Georgia, Belgium, Poland, Russia, Lithuania, Germany. It is a part of the ifa touring exhibition EVROVIZION CROSSING STORIES AND SPACES.

The work documents and processes the disintegration of complexity and diversity in Europe, with the aim of exploring the motivations and nature of its destruction. Is the "open society" a modern achievement of Western states or a condition that is always re-emerging? Are there or were there narratives/concepts that could be relevant for today's Europe? Why did they have to collapse?
Much like an open traveling archive, ROOM TO NEGOTIATE will grow, change, and in the end reveal insights into Europe that may yet be unknown to us.